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Unlike silver (amalgam) fillings, white filling material sticks to teeth and can form edges, so it may be effectively used to repair front teeth that are chipped, broken, decayed or worn. It can also be used as a “veneer” to cover marks or discolouration that cleaning won’t remove. White fillings are less noticeable than silver fillings, which may turn black in the mouth. White fillings come in a range of shades so they can be matched to the colour of your own teeth. A tooth needs less preparation for a white filling than for a silver filling.

Your dentist will:

1. Remove any decay, together with any old filling material, using a small, high-speed drill

2. Remove any weak part of the tooth which might break later

3. Wash and dry the tooth by blowing water and then air onto it (the dentist will be holding something which looks like a water pistol)

4. Etch the surface to be restored with a mild acid, to help the filling stick better

5. Coat the surface that is to be restored with a bonding agent (which acts like cement) and then place the filling material -this is pushed into the cavity that is to be filled and it is shaped as required

6. Harden the filling by pointing a bright light at it, inside your mouth (you will see the dentist and dental nurse protecting their eyes)- this is called “curing”; and trim and polish the filling as necessary

A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or through accidental damage. “Silver” fillings are made of amalgam – a mixture of mercury with other metals, such as silver, tin and copper. Amalgam is soft at first, but quickly becomes very hard once placed in the tooth. A filling rebuilds the tooth so you can chew.If decay is left unchecked, it can spread into the tooth, causing pain and infection. This could mean the tooth has to be root filled or even taken out.A filling can end toothache or prevent toothache developing.

Your dentist will:

1. Usually numb the area around the tooth with an injection- but some small fillings may not need an anaesthetic

2. Remove any decay, together with any old filling material, using a small, high-speed drill

3. Remove any weak part of the tooth which might break later

4. Shape the hole, so that the tooth will hold the filling in place

5. Sometimes use tiny pins and screws to help hold the tooth and filling together (for a larger filling)

6. Put a lining underneath the filling if it is very deep, to make the tooth less sensitive to temperature changes

7. Press soft amalgam tightly into the hole – you might hear a squeak as it goes in

8. Carve the filling to fit the tooth (the dentist might put a thin metal band around the tooth when they are doing this to keep the amalgam in place while it is still soft)

9. Ask you to close your mouth gently on the filling to check that it is the right height and is comfortable

10. Polish the filling at the next visit, when it is completely hard.

You can sometimes have inlays or onlays instead of fillings to repair damaged teeth. Fillings are soft to begin with and are moulded in the tooth which has been shaped to take and hold the filling. Inlays and onlays are made outside the mouth, usually in a dental laboratory, and then glued to the tooth in the surgery. An inlay sits in a hole in the tooth. An onlay sits on the tooth and builds up its shape. Inlays and onlays can be made in tooth-coloured porcelain, gold or a white filling material called composite. Different materials are suitable for different parts of the mouth and different parts of the teeth. Inlays and onlays are strong and can last longer than fillings They are especially suitable for the chewing surfaces of back teeth and for large repairs to front teeth, where it can be difficult to make a white filling look natural. Your dentist can match the colour to your other teeth.

Your dentist will:

1. Normally give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area

2. Remove any old filling material and any decayed or damaged tooth

3. Use a putty-like material to record the shape of the tooth being repaired and the teeth around it -this is called taking an “impression”

4. Give the impression to a dental technician to make the inlay or onlay

5. Use a temporary filling to protect the tooth that is being repaired while you wait for the inlay or onlay to be made

6. Glue the inlay or onlay in place on your next visit – the dentist may make small adjustments, so that the tooth is comfortable to bite on.

Porcelain Veneers allow your cosmetic dentist to restore a healthy, white appearance to teeth that have become misaligned, cracked, chipped, or stained. These thin porcelain facings can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your smile by covering blemishes that cannot be resolved by other cosmetic dental techniques.
Veneers can be custom coloured to match the exact shade of your remaining teeth. Placement is very simple and painless, as is the tooth preparation. A special bonding agent holds the veneer firmly in place, allowing the tooth to have complete functionality.
An extremely popular and effective cosmetic dental technique, porcelain veneers can quickly revamp your stained, cracked smile into a beautiful, perfect smile.

A bridge is a specialized dental appliance that is essentially two caps, joined by one or more false teeth that are set on the teeth framing a gap in between your teeth. Bridges are used when one or two teeth have been lost on one side of the mouth and functionality and appearance has been compromised.

Bridges allow you to eat without damaging existing teeth or gums as might be the case when the gap is left unprotected. This appliance supports your existing teeth and helps them maintain their proper alignment as well.

Your bridge is created from impressions your dentist makes of your teeth, so your caps are a perfect fit. Once in place, your dentist will ensure your bite is correct with your new bridge.

Teeth that have been damaged, worn, or suffered major decay can be totally restored to their original beauty and functionality with a crown. Crowns, known also as ‘caps’, are ideal not only for enhancing the appearance of a damaged tooth, but for protecting the remaining root and tooth soft tissue as well.
Crowns are made of porcelain or precious metals, or a combination of these materials. Crowns are also used to cover discoloured fillings and to add strength to a weakened tooth

Dentures are appliances designed to replace missing teeth and can be used in that capacity as a partial, to replace 2 or 3 teeth that sat side by side, or they can be used as a full denture, replacing the entire upper or lower row of teeth. Made of metal or plastic acrylic, dentures can be colour matched to your existing teeth and are custom-fit to ensure the greatest level of functionality and natural appearance.
Dentures have an added benefit to replacing lost teeth in that they offer replacement support to cheeks, lips, and tongue which restores the wearer’s former appearance and aids in clear speech.
Dentures are an affordable way to restore a smile lost to missing teeth.

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simon bead
simon bead
13:01 22 Apr 20
Customer service here is excellent. All my needs have been met and i was assisted in a very helpful and professional manner. Much appreciated.
Farzana McLaren
Farzana McLaren
11:24 19 Feb 20
Dr. Qasim Abbasi and his colleagues are very friendly and make you feel at ease.. Very professional service and now my 'go to' dentist! I would highly recommend the practice.
Sara Shah
Sara Shah
19:43 07 Feb 20
Dr Joha was very professional and very thorough in his examination. I felt at ease throughout the appointment. I would highly recommend the team at mansion house dental!
Ilya Zuckerman
Ilya Zuckerman
15:22 05 Nov 19
Great experience. Everything is well explained prior to the treatment which is very valuable. Team is nice and very friendly.
Elaine Thomson
Elaine Thomson
08:58 08 Oct 19
No one likes the dentist - right? Well in general that may be true, but the team at Mansion House Dental may go some way to changing your mind. Having neglected visiting for way too long, toothache (of course!) made me seek out a City-based dentist. On a recommendation from my friend I booked Mansion House Dental and was seen by Dr Qasim Abbasi. I've visited a few times in the last year. Professional, skilled and effective - all the things you would expect. But on top of that Dr Qasim has gone out of his way to make sure I am comfortable and clear about the treatment I am receiving. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you.
Malcolm Hunt
Malcolm Hunt
16:30 23 Sep 19
Dr. Qasim Abbas and all the staff i've met at this practice have been great. It's an extremely friendly, professional and efficient service!
Laurence Robinson
Laurence Robinson
16:40 17 Sep 19
The guys at mansion house have done an amazing job giving me a great smile in time for my wedding. They delivered a complete service, including invisalign and manual tooth building work. They worked to a tight timeframe and really went above and beyond. Thanks so much guys.
Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson
17:46 28 May 19
Cannot recommend Dr Qasim Abbasi more highly. Thoroughly professional and clearly very knowledgable with respect to dental innovation. Recent experience of a front tooth cap procedure was not only pain free, but very successful aesthetically and exceeded my expectations. Competitively priced for such a central location. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice. Karen Stevenson.
Rosslyn Coffee
Rosslyn Coffee
12:59 30 Apr 19
Dr Qasim and the whole team at Mansion House Dental have been nothing short of exceptional from start to finish. They take the time to thoroughly explain everything that’s needed and really put an emphasis on preventative treatments, rather than rushing into work that might needn’t be done. Onto top of this, it’s is all done in such a calming and relaxed environment, which really helps put you at ease. Really cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks again team.
Youssef Mechahouri
Youssef Mechahouri
11:59 18 Apr 19
Not usually a big fan of going to the dentist but M Abasi is really amazing. Makes this experience very enjoyable. Very nice practice. Thumbs up to the whole team
Alex Miller
Alex Miller
13:44 09 Apr 19
Great experience (and that is saying something as I am not someone who enjoys a trip to the dentist). Everything is explained prior to agreeing your treatment plan and, having had the necessary work completed now, I am very happy with the results and the aftercare (all included in the price). The whole team is friendly and professional and having tried a few dentists in the area I am happy to recommend the Mansion House Dental Practice. Overall excellent.
Chris Meehan
Chris Meehan
16:14 31 Mar 19
Was able to be booked in and treated with a very fast turn around. The treatment itself was of a very high quality. I'm very happy with the service and would highly recommend it even if it means travelling into the city.
Ellen C
Ellen C
15:44 11 Mar 19
As someone who isn't a fan of the dentist and had been going to the same practice for over 18 years, it's safe to say I was slightly apprehensive for my first visit last week. 5 minutes in and I realised there was no need to worry - Not only is Dr. Abbasi patient and friendly, every other member is welcoming and the practice itself feels nothing like your typical dentist. Highly recommend!
10:03 11 Mar 19
Really impressed with these guys. I was massively worried about the Invisalign process and the team here really put me at ease. Taking me through the process clearly and efficiently with no hard selling. When I first got my braces I kept panicking about every little thing and it was never a problem to drop in and speak to one of the experts who did everything to put me at ease. The team are so friendly and are happy to answer queries in person, by phone or email. The costs of treatment are clear with no nasty surprises. Can't recommend enough!
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The importance of every patient journey underlines our philosophy of providing the best possible treatment and standard of care. We take pride in our quality and patient care, ensuring that the satisfaction, well-being and comfort of our patients come first.



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