V-Soft Lift

A quick non-surgical face lift

The V-Soft Lift procedure – also known as a ‘thread lift’ – is a straightforward and relatively quick non-surgical face lift. The result is lifted and refreshed skin with a tighter and smoother texture.

V-Soft Lift achieves a durable lifting effect and tighter, firmer skin. Results can be seen immediately and can last between 12 and 24 months and often a small touch-up procedure after 9 months can extend the beneficial effects.

Patients notice several immediate positive effects, such as lift and repositioning of the tissues and after four weeks, an improved, smoother and fuller complexion with restoration of the youthful balance of the face.

This advanced facial aesthetic technique available here at our dental practice near St Paul’s in London uses PDO threads (soluble sutures) placed under the skin to achieve a lifting effect. The threads are safe and biodegradable and broken down by the body, and with collagen production stimulated as part of the process, patients enjoy the beneficial effects for far longer.

The V-Soft Lift procedure can be used to:

    • Lift the forehead, eyebrows and cheeks
    • Firm the neck, below the chin and along the jaw line
    • Smooth wrinkles, including crows’ feet and nasolabial folds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is V-Soft Lift treatment?

V-Soft Lift treatment is a non-invasive procedure using thin threads that lift the skin and increase elasticity. The tiny threads are completely biodegradable. The material is of monofilament polydioxanone (PDO), a biocompatible suture material that holds the tissues and stimulates collagen formation.

What are threads?

They are small, thin patented threads absorbed gradually by the skin tissue. Parts or whole of the face can be treated in order to achieve lift, replenishment and revitalisation.

How does V-Soft Lift treatment work?

Thin threads attached to needles are inserted into the dermis in a meshwork pattern. The threads are placed at specific points for the desired lift and the needles removed. The procedure is performed with a local anaesthetic, similar to that used for minor surgery and the results are immediately visible, although the full results take around two to four months to fully develop.

What is the advantage of V-Soft Lift treatment?

V-Soft Lift treatment addresses some of the issues associated with facial ageing that are only otherwise dealt with by more invasive surgery, in particular areas around the lower face, the neck and jaw line. Although the overall results cannot be directly compared to more invasive cosmetic surgery the treatment is more affordable and often combined with other facial aesthetic treatments.

How long can V-Soft Lift treatment last?

The results can last as long as one to two years, depending on age, lifestyle and skin condition, longer in people who take good care of their skin and general health.

How long does the V-Soft Lift procedure take?

The treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour. Our highly skilled cosmetic and facial aesthetic dentists will use a local anaesthetic before introducing the threads underneath the skin using a needle (similar to filler treatment). As the needle is withdrawn, the small hooks on the thread adhere to the skin and keep it in place below the skin. Immediately afterwards the area can appear swollen and there may be some slight bleeding at the insertion sites. This will clear up on its own and most people are able to resume work immediately after treatment.

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Kind words from our patients

Based on 85 reviews.
Sam R
Sam R
8. February, 2022.
I've been registered with Mansion House Dental for a number of years now. I cannot fault the level of patient care and service provided by Dr Qasim Abbasi and his colleagues. When it comes to other private practices, you're normally given the hard upsell by dentists (particularly on cosmetic procedures). But at Mansion House Dental they have always put my long term wellbeing first.
6. February, 2022.
Could not be happier with the service received from Dr. Abbasi. Visited from a colleague's referral, was cautious given the standard of service and professionalism from some of the practices near by. Very friendly and thoughtful practice, would recommend to anyone working in the city.
Kai van Dongen
Kai van Dongen
4. February, 2022.
10/10 - Highly recommend!!!
Kirsty Clarke
Kirsty Clarke
1. December, 2021.
I’ve been to Mansion House Dental a number of times this year and on every occasion the care I have received from Dr Qasim and the rest of the team has been excellent. Dr Qasim is very knowledgeable and he always takes time to answer my questions and explain different treatment options clearly. The facilities are clean and modern and appointment times are flexible. I highly recommend this practise for both routine check ups and whitening.
Todor Brachkov
Todor Brachkov
5. November, 2021.
I highly recommend this dental practice! My doctor was Qasim Abbasi and I can tell he has a great attention to detail and high intrinsic motivation to deliver the best outcome for his patients. Over the past couple of months I had a series of visits I was always amazed by his professionalism and attitude when challenged with complex issues.
Hasan Asim
Hasan Asim
19. October, 2021.
I've had Invisalign done here and also get my regular checkups here. I can only speak highly of Mansion House Dental Practice. Dr Qasim Abbasi comes across friendly, understanding and highly intelligent. The reception & dental assistants are also a pleasure to deal with.
Simon Dinnage
Simon Dinnage
9. September, 2021.
Highly professional and friendly. I would recommend Dr Abbasi to anyone.
Rachel Pallentin
Rachel Pallentin
1. September, 2021.
My all time favourite dentist! Everyone is super professional and friendly. Dr Abbasi provided excellent service and I’m more than happy with the results. I will be coming here for all my future dental needs.
Kaley O'Hara
Kaley O'Hara
22. July, 2021.
Mansion House Dental Practice is a great choice if you are in need of a dental practice in the city. Highly professional and friendly team, relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for routine exams/cleaning to more complex dental treatments.
steph gallagher
steph gallagher
20. July, 2021.
I can’t rate this practice highly enough - I had Invisalign on both upper and lower arches, plus whitening and a cosmetic filling for a chipped tooth. I also had lingual retainers. Every step of the process was explained to me upfront, there were no hidden costs, and service was really professional and friendly. I had quite a few queries and they were all responded to super quickly (usually same day.) I am recommending to friends and wouldn’t hesitate to come back - thank you!!

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